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Easypave Services

Here at easypave we offer resin bound surfacing for both residential and commercial sectors.

Easypave can only be laid on a structurally sound substrate such as concrete or tarmac , if the area consists of existing gravel , grass or damaged concrete / tarmac then a complete ‘full construction’ is necessary . However if the existing substrate is concrete or tarmac and is structurally sound and in good condition then we can lay the easypave straight over the top thus being an ‘overlay’. If this option is available then this can be highly cost effective as we do not have to excavate any of the existing ground.

FULL CONSTRUCTION (A typical residential driveway)

  • Excavation of all area and take away all waste.

  • Determine all levels.

  • Lay in all edgings using concrete.

  • Lay in all necessary drainage channels / soakaways.

  • Lay in 100 -150mm type1 aggregate and compact.

  • Lay in all edgings using concrete.

    (allow approx. 2 weeks for concrete to cure)

  • Prime all areas.

  • Lay Easypave resin bound stone @ 20mm thickness using UVR resin.

  • Thoroughly clear site and sign off.

OVERLAY (a typical residential driveway)

  • Thoroughly clean, de grease and power wash all existing concrete or tarmac

  • Make good/repair any damaged areas and fill

  • Lay in all edgings required.

  • Lay in any drainage required

  • To prime all area

  • To lay Easypave resin bound stone @ 20mm thickness

  • To thoroughly clear site and sign off